Zero Voc Painters


Court-Hampton Painting Inc has been becoming zero voc painters slowly over the last couple of years.


Zero voc paint has come a long way in recent years turning us into zero voc painters.

When zero voc paint first came along the tint base was zero voc (volatile organic compounds which causes toxic paint fumes) but the tint still had the vocs. We found that very misleading to our customer base because who doesn’t tint their paint to add colour to a room!
Also in the infancy of zero voc paint the durability of the paint was suspect. Our question to paint customers was “what’s more eco friendly, painting your house once every ten years or once every year due to poor paint durability? ”
All that has changed as paint manufacturers such as Benjamin Moore and most recently Sherwin Williams has made the actual tint zero voc as well as the base of the paint. The durability of these eco paints has also improved dramatically, in some cases surpassing paint with vocs.
We ultimately pick the best paint suited to the customers substrate ( zero voc paints aren’t usually suited for floors for example). The affect of the green building materials movement has been positive for the customer and the painter alike because even if a zero voc paint isn’t suited to your paint job, a low voc paint will more than do the job for paint durability. This means low to no off gassing for the home owner and less direct health issues for the painter.
Zero voc paint is here to stay and we welcome it with open arms!

Contact Court-Hampton Painting Inc to make us your zero voc painters.

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