Court-Hampton Painting Inc has been hired as painting contractors Toronto for over 20 years. Here is a video portfolio of our painting projects.

When hiring a painting contractor in Toronto or anywhere else there are some factors the customer should take into account.

The first factor (and most important) is the quality of work the painting contractor provides as residential painters vary. Is the quality a consistent high quality finish that has been properly prepared to ensure durability for years to come? That is the customers main goal when looking for a house painters Toronto.

Another factor is safety and insurance for the painting contractor and your home or business being painted. The safety part is asking if the painter has WSIB insurance protecting the individual and the paint crew from injury on your job site. Lets clear up some myths about WSIB. If a painting contractor gets injured at your home and they don’t have the proper WSIB insurance, WSIB is very unlikely to hold the home owner responsible for that injury, however the homeowner doesn’t have the protection from a contractor trying to sue them personally. WSIB eliminates that risk because the painting contractor is automatically insured for injury and has to deal with the government. These scenarios are unlikely but the reason a customer should consider a painting contractor with WSIB insurance is as easy as asking themselves the question ” if this painting contractor doesn’t care about themselves enough to protect themselves against injury, how can I expect them to care about the quality of work I expect and my home?” The other kind of insurance is to protect the home or business owner from damage to their property. This is called liability insurance and your painting contractor should be insured for at least a million dollars to cover any damages that may occur ( Court-Hampton Painting Inc has 2 million in liability and has never had to make a claim, we have never had a WSIB claim either!). In any case your contractor should have both types of insurance.

Do you get along with the potential painting contractors Toronto and trust their judgement and work ethic? The contractor is going to be painting your house from up to a month potentially and  are they going to give you the attention you deserve? We hear countless stories of house painters Toronto juggling up to four or more jobs just to disappoint all of the customers which is unfortunate. Better to do one job at a time really well and efficiently, keeping the job really clean, respecting the customers home and timeline and giving the right advice on colour and technique based on years of experience and education.

Hire Court-Hampton Painting Inc as your painting contractors for your next painting project.