Painting Windows


Court-Hampton Painting has been painting windows in this Toronto home.

Painted Windows

Painting windows can be demanding because of the intricate components of the window itself. Your painters must paint the interior window sash, frame, mullions, sill and trim without getting any paint on the glass.
Our painters prepare the windows to be painted by wood filling, sanding and caulking any gaps. All bare wood and repaired areas are spot primed with the appropriate primer. All knots in the wood  are primed with shellac so the sap doesn’t bleed through the topcoat of paint.
All of our painters are trained to paint the intricate part of the windows by hand without the use of tape.
If you do hire a different painter or handyman that is going to use tape to paint your windows, make sure they remove it promptly at the end of the work day as the sun will bond the adhesive in the tape to your glass.

Court-Hampton Painting has painters to paint windows in your Toronto home.

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