Court-Hampton Painting can fix any plaster wall repair or ceiling drywall repair caused by water damage to your homes drywall or plaster. Including plaster and lath!

Water Damaged Skylight

This damage is usually caused by water and frequently located in the ceiling. Ceiling drywall repair is usually required after a roof leak. Skylights are prone to water damage. After the source of the damage is fixed (leaky roof, pipes etc.) our painters will then proceed to do the plaster wall repair in your home.

A typical drywall plaster repair is executed in the following steps:

  • For drywall repair Toronto our painters cover floors with fresh clean dropsheets underneath the damage and its surrounding area, and cover any furniture with fresh plastic to protect your home.
  • We test the drywall with a moisture meter before starting to help ensure your leak that’s caused the water damage is really fixed.
  • The water damaged area is cut out and disposed of to prevent mould from occuring at a later date. Plaster repair Toronto is usually frequent with the recent wet weather over the last few years.
  • New drywall matching the thickness of your current drywall or plaster is cut to the size of the hole and attached by 1 inch strapping and appropriate screws.
  • Mesh tape is applied to the joints of the cut out drywall and two coats of sheetrock are applied (much stronger than drywall compound) followed by a skim coat of low dust compound. The patch is sanded using our low dust sanding method and then primed.
  • We then determine the exact paint product and colour used for your ceiling and depending on the situation will either blend in the patch or paint the entire ceiling.
  • After the painting to your home is done we clean up and take away any garbage with us.

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We have a new non disruptive method for fixing drywall for damage that was caused by plumbers or electricians!

repairing drywall after electrician makes holes in Etobicoke
Drywall cut to shape of hole!
cutting drywall to fit hole in Etobicoke
Drywall cut perfectly to hole shape!

Did your electrician or plumber have to make a bunch of irregular holes in your plaster and drywall? Court-Hampton Painting has your solution!

Here’s the benefits of our specialized repair method:

  • Non disruptive! We measure the hole and cut the drywall off site to perfectly fit the hole in your wall or ceilings!
  • That means no mess from trying to expand the hole further by cutting out more drywall to make a square.
  • This method aligns with our dustless sanding technique (see above) to create the least amount of dust possible!
  • Let’s face it, after getting electrical or plumbing work done most home owners are renovation fatigued! We give our customers a less invasive experience when it comes to their plaster repair!
Based on 33 Reviews
spencer renfrew
December 21, 2022

We had 20-30 holes in our drywall, from an electrical upgrade. Michael did a great job replacing the drywall and painting to match the existing paint. He showed up on time, and did the work in the time frame, and for the cost in his estimate. Very happy with the work.

L Shaw
October 10, 2021

I had recently gone through a lengthy renovation. Painting of the entire home had occurred early on in the process. Because of the plumbing and electrical work that followed, I was left with a tremendous amount of unsightly and unpleasant nicks, dings, scratches,  scrapes, and general damage, on what had been freshly painted walls and ceilings. Having had a somewhat unpleasant experience, although hesitant, I had to find someone to repair the damage that had been done. There are many painters in Toronto. I, however, needed to find someone who would be accountable for his/ her work. Court-Hampton Painting is accredited with The Painting Contractors Association.  I felt comfort with this, and requested an on-site visit. From start (the quote) to finish, Michael was an absolute delight to have in my home.  He was punctual and courteous.  He was very considerate that while my home was a construction site, it was still my "home".  Additionally, he is honourable as he only repainted what genuinely needed to be. My experience with Court-Hampton Painting was a bright spot in my renovation.  I look forward to working with Court-Hampton Painting on future projects.

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