Looking for painter jobs Toronto? Consider painter employment for a high end Toronto painting company!

Opportunities for painting jobs Toronto are growing as the city population and building expands.

Court-Hampton Painting puts safety first. If the right candidate hasn’t been trained in the safety aspect of painting we will get them trained properly. That means WHIMIS, Working At Heights, First Aid and other relevant safety training.

We are always looking for all kinds of painters and are equal opportunity.

The potential candidate for painter jobs Toronto will be assessed on skill merit to determine wage. We offer very competitive wages and believe in putting workers first. A well taken care of worker will take good care of our customers!

A good potential painter will realize that we are in peoples homes and in their personal space. This calls for a level of respect and professionalism unparalleled by other types of businesses. We expect a lot out of our painters skill and experience wise but expect even more out of them when it comes to treating the customer well.

Court-Hampton Painting is always looking from a range of painting skills from painters helper to a painter with 30 years experience. The right person with the right attitude is what we are looking for in a painter. We consider all who apply so don’t be discouraged and give us a try!

Please fill out the application form below for painting jobs. We put everyone who applies on file and reach out as needed. Hope to work with you soon!