A fresh coat of paint can take the look of your house from old to bold, adding freshness and curb appeal to the exterior of your home. If you have a stucco coating on your exterior walls, ensure that you seek the help of stucco painting experts, to ensure that the job is done right the first time and lasts for years to come…or at least until you’re ready for a new colour.

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As the trusted stucco painting company in Toronto and Etobicoke, the Court-Hampton Painting Inc team will ensure that your home is professionally prepped, primed, and painted, as quickly and affordably as possible!

Why Consider Stucco Repair?

Over time, parts of your exterior stucco wall can bulge, crack, or suffer water damage as they are exposed to the elements. Harsh winters and hot, humid summers can cause gradual shifting of your building, and if your stucco is not properly mixed and fitted, these cracks can be extensive. Our team of stucco experts will evaluate the cause of any cracks or imperfections, ensuring that they are professionally repaired to guarantee greater stability of your exterior wall.

In cases of severe water damage indicating mold growth, our team can remove mold and repair your stucco prior to painting.

Court-Hampton Painting did an excellent job painting the exterior of our stucco home! Responsive, professional and went beyond our expectations!

The Benefit of Stucco Painting

Upon completing any repairs on your exterior stucco wall, we paint all stucco surfaces to ensure a smooth, even finish. The paint is a durable, water resistant paint, which not only helps transform the aesthetic of you home, but will preserve the stucco, protecting it against the seasonal elements, mold, and pollution discolouration.

We are fully insured with liability and WSIB coverage.

Want to see our Stucco Painting Experts in action?

Check out the exterior stucco painting process as the Court-Hampton Painting Inc team revitalizes the walls of this Toronto home:

The process for painting stucco on the exterior of this home was to first pressure wash the exterior walls to remove dirt and mildew and material that may impact the new paint from property adhering to the stucco surface.

Next up, the team carefully filled any hairline cracks with the appropriate filler. This filler was mixed with adhesive not water to ensure strength and adhesion to the wall.

Our painters used Uniplast for the small cracks and stucco filler for one large one by the stairs. The Uniplast was rubbed down with a wet rag to get the edges down and mimic the surrounding stucco.

Painting stucco with any exterior paint is not recommended. Our painters used an elastomeric paint called DUR-X-CEL made by the stucco manufacturing company Durabond Products.

The paint was applied liberally to the stucco with great results.

Why Choose us for Stucco Painting Services?

At Court-Hampton Painting Inc. we are committed to treating your home with the respect it deserves! Our conscientious team of painting contractors go the extra mile to ensure that any mess is kept to a minimum throughout each service, and that your home is left spotless upon completion.

Since our inception, safety has always been a focal point of our business; for this reason, we ensure that all painting materials have the lowest VOC (volatile organic compounds), in compliance with government and environmental standards and guidelines.

Our breadth of experience within the industry has enabled us to be accurate in our estimates and quotes for our clients; we are keenly aware of how long a project will take, factoring in space and other factors that may impact timing or cost. We have a 100% success rate at getting the job done right the first time, when you need it, within your budget!

Based in Etobicoke, Court-Hampton Painting Inc. offers professional stucco painting and repair services across the Greater Toronto Area. Whether you’re located on the Kingsway, Queensway, Edenbridge-Humber Valley, Mimico, New Toronto, Long Branch, Six Points, Stonegate Parklawn, Humber Heights, Rexdale, Sunnylea, or in the heart of downtown Toronto, we’re happy to help give your home the facelift it deserves!

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