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Our response to Covid-19 including our safe approach to painting your home!

Who Are We?

Here’s an explainer video from the owner of our painting company Court-Hampton Painting Inc.

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 Information regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and what we at Court-Hampton Painting Inc are doing in response.

As a valued client, your safety has always been, and remains, our number one priority. 

From the onset of the coronavirus, we have been carefully monitoring the progression of the virus and closely following the advice of the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC).

We have followed their recommendations and have implemented numerous changes to how we handle providing you with the health and safety and quality services you deserve. 

For any maintenance, service and installation calls, we will be taking the following precautionary measures to ensure the safety of you and your household:

  • Exterior painting will resume as usual, weather permitting.
  •  Interior work will preferably be performed on unoccupied work sites which includes empty condos, homes, businesses, offices, etc. Interior work for existing customers will resume with safety measures. Interior estimates and interior work for new customers in occupied dwellings may be advanced booked for a later date.
  • Work on occupied interior spaces will be performed with common sense safety measures (where possible) such as: Plastic off area being painted and ask that customer not enter when workers present. Filters put in floor vents and return ducts. Masks when near each other.
  • All worksites will have high contact  hard surface hardware (door handles, tap handles etc.) wiped with disinfectant at the end of every work day.
  • Hand soap will be provided for bathroom used.
  • Social distancing/ Physical distancing will be practiced on site (no handshaking, no tool sharing, keep at least 6 feet away). For safety we have become the leader as social distancing painters Toronto.
  • Only 1-2 painters allowed on site at a time. Preferably 1.
  • All paint and sundries for projects will be purchased at stores that practice curbside pickup only. Court-Hampton Painting has accounts at these stores so no interaction is required. All paint and sundries will be wiped with disinfectant.
  • Painting estimates where in home visits are required will continue to be considered on job sites where the client has met the safe guidelines outlined by the PHAC for being asymptomatic and all other guidelines for safety. For more information on how Court-Hampton Painting is providing safe no contact paint estimates with three options to choose from visit our blog post: Safe social distancing paint estimate Toronto
  • No one from our company that hasn’t met the guidelines for safety in regards to COVID-19 will be working.

As of March 13, 2020, the Public Health Agency of Canada has assessed the public health risk for Canada. The latest update is available on the PHAC website:

We are committed to continuing to provide you with the highest level of service during this time and I hope this gives you confidence in the actions we are taking on your behalf. We remain committed to providing you with safe, reliable and professional service.

Yours sincerely,

The team at Court-Hampton Painting Inc.

When you hire Court-Hampton Painting you’re hiring painting contractors that care for your home and families well being. We strive on creating a clean and professional workspace when painting your home, because we treat your home like our own.

When you choose Court Hampton Painting, we conduct a careful assessment to determine if there are any potential dangers for you and your family that could occur during a renovation like painting. Our team of professionals always receive mandatory training on workplace safety as well as certified by WSIB. Due to the nature of our work, we are trained in WHIMIS hazardous materials and safety standards. We are equipped on how to identify evidence of existing lead paint or potential asbestos in your home, and how to make it safe for all involved.

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We are fully insured with liability and WSIB coverage.

Paint & Safety Standards

Our painting contractors always use the lowest VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint for your job without sacrificing durability to do our eco-friendly part. Since September 2010, the Government of Canada has reduced the amount of VOC’s allowed in decorative coatings, which affects alkyd paints, varnishes and wood stains. These products that are non-compliant and can no longer be produced or imported by manufacturers. In order to create a beautiful, long-lasting and safe space in your home, we use government-compliant, eco-friendly paints every time.

Our Workspace Standards

We respect your home and its belongings. Every job we do, we cover all furniture in fresh plastic, tucked in and secure, to ensure no paint ruins your belongings. All floors are entirely covered with clean drop sheets, as well as doorknobs, face plates, and other hardware. Anything we can remove to make things easier and less stressful for you, we can. Just ask! In short, anything that can possibly get dust or paint on it is removed or covered. Our painting company has full liability insurance to protect your belongings, and we pride ourselves on that. We also ensure the space is well-ventilated and use a sanding method that creates little to no dust.

When you choose us, we can provide you with complementary colour consulting as well as other home consults that relate to the job. We have swatches from every manufacturer available. Our colour consultant was trained at the Scandinavian Colour Institute in Stockholm, Sweden and is qualified as a professional colour specifier in Europe!

Our Promise

Our painting contractors have never missed a deadline or gone over budget. Because we are among the top interior painting contractors in Toronto, we promise to exceed your expectations. Our experienced team are aware of how long painting projects can take, how to deal with the space involved and any other factors that may influence cost and timing. When you receive a quote from Court-Hampton Painting, the price on the paper is the final price for the exact job description.

The quality of painting you receive from Court-Hampton Painting Inc. is the best in the industry. We incorporate colour, straight paint lines and the perfect texture to make your home an elegant showpiece.

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