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Court-Hampton Painting are the interior painting specialists in Toronto & the GTA. We understand the nuances of painting the interior of a home. Our painters take pride in that. Our one true profession is painting the city of Toronto’s home interiors.

We thrive on incorporating the perfect paint colour, along with razor sharp paint lines to finish off your new beautiful room! With a smooth as glass texture, your home will look like a dream come true! Get that photo-shoot finish or cozy retreat you’ve been waiting for today!

Refresh Your Interior With A Fresh Coat Of Paint For 2024!

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How Does Complimentary Colour Consulting Work For Interiors?

Here’s an explainer video with the owner Michael Court-Hampton on how our complimentary colour consulting program works for your Interior! (Don’t worry it’s super short!)

Our Process

Once you find the perfect colours for your room refresher, a typical interior painting job goes like this:

  • With a quick consultation, our painters prep the room by removing furniture, doorknobs, hardware, electrical face plates, rugs, paintings and wall mounted art. We completely cover any furniture too big to move in fresh clean plastic and completely cover the floor in fresh clean drop sheets every time. We respect your home as if it were our own. 
  • Our interior painters start preparing for painting by pole-sanding the walls, ceilings and hand-sanding doors and trim. This is a light sanding or scuff sanding that removes contaminants, any previous finishes like gloss, promotes paint adhesion, and makes the painting surface smooth and ready for paint, all with very little dust. 
  • After we’ve prepped, our painters begin to fill in any holes left by nails, screws or anything else. We also smooth any cracks and fill what’s needed with two coats of Sheetrock 20. We then apply a finishing coat of low dust compound for plaster and drywall. Wood is filled with two coats of wood filler and trim is caulked to the wall. These patches are then sanded using minimal dust sanding method and then spot primed. 
  • After all that preparation, two coats of dead flat paint are applied to the ceiling. Then, the magic begins! We lay down two coats whichever paint type, finish and colour you want for your room, this includes the walls and trim. We have accounts with many major dealers, so you can rest assured you’ll find your favourite brands. We like to use low VOC paints with little or no fumes, and that are mildew-resistant, made especially for bathrooms and kitchens. 
  • The team then cleans up the job (which is usually minimal because we clean the end of every workday) and removes the plastic and drop sheets, vacuum, replace furniture, fixtures, electrical face plates, hardware, doorknobs and rugs. All garbage made from painting leaves your home with us. Finally, we leave you with well-marked cans of touch-up paint. 

Your home is now professionally painted. We at Court Hampton Painting has years of experience in exterior and interior painting. We pride ourselves on our razor-sharp precision and attention to detail. Because we’ve done so many interior projects, we consider ourselves top-notch when it comes to getting the job done beautifully the first time. Get in touch with us today to get your interior painting done the easier way! 

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