Here’s A New Twist On Our Colour Consultations! Check Out The Video!

No watching paint dry with our pre painted drywall square samples! Fast, accurate and the ability to butt the sample directly up to your wood trim and ceilings to see how they compliment each other. We still do it the other way too depending on the situation. Enjoy!

How Does Complimentary Colour Consulting Work?

Here’s an explainer video with the owner Michael Court-Hampton on how our complimentary colour consulting program works for your Interior! (Don’t worry it’s super short!)

When Court-Hampton Painting selects the colours to paint the interior or exterior of your home in Toronto you’re in good hands.

Our colour consultant studied in Henley-on-Thames England and Stockholm Sweden where colour and design are taken to a whole other level. Trained as a professional colour specifier in Europe and enthusiastic about design, our colour specialist looks forward to helping you with your colour palette. We have every colour swatch from every North American paint manufacturer, as well as from Europe. We can help you choose an elegant colour to match it’s surroundings (see the modern grey painted dining room with the warm stained teak table to your right) or a completely fun colour to paint a childs bedroom or powder room. Remember colour is completely subjective so don’t be shy!

interior painting dining room
house painting toronto image kids room

A typical colour consultation before our company paints your home is executed in the following steps:

  • Once we are retained to paint the interior of your home we will show up to take a look at your current surroundings and ask about any new furniture, curtains, rugs, tiles, etc. that you may have ordered for the room and look at the new fabric samples. Looking at home magazine’s to help identify the “look” you are trying to achieve is helpful but not necessary.
  • We will then help you choose three colours for the room from one of our paint swatch books. We can leave one of these books with you for a couple of days to come up with your own palette as we encourage you to try your eye at colour.
  • We then get those three colours in actual paint samples (little cans) and pre paint them on drywall squares or put them directly on your wall depending on the situation. Those three colour samples are held up on the wall in different spots so you can observe the colours in different lighting conditions during the day. As paint is made of paint and paint swatches are made of ink ,this and natural lighting can greatly affect the colour perception in your room. We’ll pick up and put up the three paint samples for you, we only start to charge for consults if you go beyond three colours. Other than that colour consultation is free once you’ve decided to hire Court-Hampton Painting Inc. to paint more than two rooms of the interior of your house.
  • You then choose and sign off on your final colour and we get painting!