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At Court Hampton Painting, we pride ourselves on having a strong work ethic blended perfectly with attention to detail. With years of expertise in home painting, our Toronto painting company is trained to get jobs done perfect the first time.

We’re fully prepared for almost any job, from exterior to interior home painting.

Our team also has experience with all kinds of homes and rooms, like kitchens and bathrooms as well as dining rooms and foyers. We understand that every home has individual needs, so the Court Hampton team is well versed in painting older homes as well as newer ones. We also do commercial painting and only use quality paints that will last a lifetime.  

Who Are We?

We are a small painting company focusing on quality one job at a time.

Here’s an explainer video from the owner of our painting company Court-Hampton Painting Inc. (Don’t worry it’s super short!)

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Beautiful Interiors & Curb Side Appeal For Exteriors

Some samples of our house painting projects below!

Court-Hampton Painting Is Fully Insured

Our painting company has liability insurance to protect your belongings and WSIB insurance to protect our painters!

Interior & Exterior Painting Services in Toronto

At Court Hampton Painting, we provide you with updates throughout our entire process. You will see step by step how our painters Toronto do interior painting, condo painting, commercial painting, exterior painting.  With every job, your home is prepped with care and caution. During every job, we will make the needed repairs, like patching holes and cracks, as well as plaster and drywall repair.  We’ll also let you in on a free colour consultation!

Take a look at our gallery to see some of our great and successful projects!

Check out the Toronto Painters Blog for an insiders look at what our painters in Toronto come across while painting the City. Topics include wild colour palettes, advanced painting techniques, and anything paint related that we think is interesting!

If you would like a painting quote from Court Hampton Painting Toronto, visit our Contact page. 

We would like to thank our loyal customers for making Court-Hampton Painting Inc. the first choice for Toronto painters in their homes. To all potential customers searching for painters Toronto we look forward to meeting you!

Read reviews from our happy clients about our expert painting services in Toronto!

Based on 26 Reviews

L Shaw

October 10, 2021

I had recently gone through a lengthy renovation. Painting of the entire home had occurred early on in the process. Because of the plumbing and electrical work that followed, I was left with a tremendous amount of unsightly and unpleasant nicks, dings, scratches,  scrapes, and general damage, on what had been freshly painted walls and ceilings. Having had a somewhat unpleasant experience, although hesitant, I had to find someone to repair the damage that had been done. There are many painters in Toronto. I, however, needed to find someone who would be accountable for his/ her work. Court-Hampton Painting is accredited with The Painting Contractors Association.  I felt comfort with this, and requested an on-site visit. From start (the quote) to finish, Michael was an absolute delight to have in my home.  He was punctual and courteous.  He was very considerate that while my home was a construction site, it was still my "home".  Additionally, he is honourable as he only repainted what genuinely needed to be. My experience with Court-Hampton Painting was a bright spot in my renovation.  I look forward to working with Court-Hampton Painting on future projects.


David Harmes

August 17, 2021

It's hard to overstate how good this company is. From their detailed and transparent estimate process, to their high quality painting work, these guys completed two different jobs for us on time and on budget!


Shawna Shah

May 14, 2021

We used Court-Hampton to fix and repair exterior water damage and painting. Michael’s work exceeded my expectations and I would definitely use him again. He was knowledgeable, friendly and professional.


Andrew “Gunner78” Angus

January 23, 2021

Michael and his team was excellent. The painting work was exceptional and the attention to detail was top notch. Michael’s process to ensure that the correct product is used and applied correctly is very comprehensive. I would definitely recommend Michael if you want your house painted the right way and timely. Michael and his team are hard working. Finally, related to COVID, Michael ensured the working environment was safe for everyone. He ensured everyone had masks on and he disinfected everything on his departure.


Roy Henzie

August 13, 2020

I found Court-Hampton Painting to go above and beyond and they have solved a number of problems for me for a house that was built in 1926. Their work is excellent. Court-Hampton Painting was on time and on budget. I would highly recommend Court-Hampton Painting.


Ann Rauhala

August 1, 2020

If colour matters to you - and of course it does - you'll want Michael CH to help you find the perfect shade and hue. We are repeat clients four times over because his work is exceptional, both interior and exterior. Friendly, professional, punctual, reliable, Michael demonstrates great colour sense and excellent workmanship.

We Are A Proud Member Of The PCA

Court-Hampton Painting is a member of the Painting Contractors Association. An entity dedicated to elevating the professionalism of the trade!

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