Painting Interiors


Court-Hampton Painting Inc has started painting interiors as the summer winds down.


Painting interiors has been challenging in Toronto this year because of the extreme heat and humidity. Our painters can only paint interiors with air-conditioning, not for our painters comfort but because the paint won’t dry properly with high humidity and will fail.
Most of our customers have air conditioning and painting projects have been going full steam ahead. For our customers that don’t have air-conditioning the extreme humidity is almost over and our painters are ready for your interior painting job.
Interior painting is meticulous work that requires your painters to be clean and courteous, respectful of your home and belongings. All floors should be covered in clean drop sheets and all furniture should be covered in plastic. This not only protects your house from paint splatter but from any dust that may arise from painting.

Call Court-Hampton Painting Inc for painting interiors in your house, condo or business.

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