Painting Ceilings


Court-Hampton Painting has been painting ceilings in this home located in the neighborhood of Cabbage Town in Toronto.

painting ceilings

When painting ceilings your painter should first cover furniture and anything else you don’t want paint on.

Before we painted this ceiling we actually draped plastic from ceiling to floor around the entire room being painted. Next your painter should repair any water damage in the drywall and prime as necessary. Our painters had to use a stain sealing primer on this paint job to cover up champagne marks from the customers new years party, and some water stains.
Once that is done your painter should pole sand the surface and apply two coats of paint. This ceiling paint was fantastic with minimal splatter. It is from Benjamin Moore and has a super flat finish and is easy to use. In our painters experience it is wise to use actual ceiling paint when painting ceilings as they have a flatter sheen than other paints. We tend to stay away from ceiling paints with pink dye in them so the painter can see what part of the ceiling he has already painted. This pink dye that dries white when the ceiling is done can sometimes come back temporarily if steam or high humidity is present in the freshly painted room. Our painters pick is Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint.

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