Painting Old Homes


Painting older homes in Toronto is what Court-Hampton Painting Inc. has been doing lately.


Older homes with dark stained wood and plaster walls need a certain level of care and preparation before painting the ceilings or walls.
The painter must plaster using sheetrock and not drywall compound. If the wall or ceiling is stucco the sheetrock patches should be wiped at the edges and in the middle with a wet rag so that the patch will resemble the pattern in the current stucco wall. Sanding the patches does not achieve this look.
The painters must also drape plastic from the crown to the floor to protect the dark stained wood that is so common in older Toronto homes before painting the ceilings. Paint rollers splatter paint like a mist when rolling ceilings and will get paint all over that beautiful wood work. Some painters say that if you roll slow the paint won’t splatter, we know that to be nonsense and that your paint will just splatter slowly!
In addition the painters should tape the tops of the baseboards after they are brushed in but before rolling the walls with the paint to protect them.

Court-Hampton Painting Inc. will be happy to paint your old Toronto home.

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