Painting With Red Paint


Court-Hampton Painting has been painting with red paint on wainscoting in this home in Etobicoke.

painting with red paint

Painting with red paint has caused many painters and homeowners who are handy with a paint brush unnecessary stress due to poor coverage.

If you plan on painting with red paint and have your paint colour picked a little paint preparation can avoid having to paint up to five coats!
First of all if your existing wall is white you should have your painters prime it grey in the approximate shade of the red paint they will be applying. This will limit the amount of coats of red to three maximum.
Second of all have your painter use the absolute top of the line paint (they should be anyway). We recommend Benjamin Moore Aura Matte or Eggshell finish for the best coverage on walls and Satin finish or Semi gloss finish for painting trim. This should limit the amount of coats to one coat of grey primer and two coats of red paint.
If the surface you are painting is green in the approximate same darkness as the red paint you will be painting then you should get your painter to do a coverage test on the surface with the red paint and then assess the coverage. Green is reds complimentary colour and when two complimentary colours are mixed they make a neutral colour. This means that when you are painting over one complimentary colour with another complimentary colour the coverage is usually fantastic. The shade or darkness of the paint colours must be the same as one another for this painting trick to work.
When we were painting with red paint on the wainscoting in the picture above we got lucky. The existing colour was a deep purple and the quality of the paint we used did the coverage work for us.

Contact Court-Hampton Painting Inc if you are thinking of painting with red paint in your home.

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