Painting Modern Houses


Court-Hampton Painting has been painting modern houses in the north end of Toronto.

Painting Modern Houses

Painting modern houses differs from painting old homes in the following ways.

Old houses have plaster and lath instead of drywall for the walls and ceilings. Typically this means a lot more plastering before painting, however if the modern home has drywall stair railings as in the picture above it means our painters have to make sure that all the drywall corners are sharp before painting. Also modern homes tend to have reveals instead of door frames around the doors. These can be tricky to caulk before painting.

Painting Modern Homes

When painting modern houses white can be a clean look to compliment all the crisp lines in the home. This colour is Decorators White from Benjamin Moore with a burst of green painted on the front door only.

Painting modern houses in Toronto is one of Court-Hampton Paintings specialties.

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