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At Court-Hampton Painting we have an exciting new method for dust extraction that our Etobicoke painters are using while painting Toronto and the GTA! Our new blog post explains!

Our new dust extraction method:

So what is the difference between our other dustless sanding technique and our new dust extraction method?

The equipment is much different! We invested in an actual certified hepa dust extractor from Festool where as before we used a shop vac. We also invested in a Mirka sander which has the capability to sand fine surfaces with tons of control for the painter! This Mirka sander is fully compatible with the Festool dust extractor and attaches to the hose while the mesh sanding screen and holes in the Mirka sander suck up the dust into the hepa unit as it sands! Before we used a sanding sponge with a hose attachment running to the shop vac.

Here is a picture of our new dust extraction method:

dust extractor
Dust extractor

So far our painting company has been using this dust extractor set up for sanding walls and ceilings we have plastered and sanding down doors and trim to a very fine finish all with almost no dust keeping our clients safe and their homes clean!

In this picture we sand these plaster patches. On one wall in this kitchen there was a black counter top that had plaster patches directly above it. We sanded the patches with the idea that some dust would collect on the black counter top and gave it a shot to really test our new method. There was not one spec of dust on that counter top!

dust extraction
Dust extraction

Check Out Our Dustless Sanding Technique Video!

We see other possibilities with our new hepa equipment such as removing stain on front doors or removing dreaded orange peel texture from walls that were rolled with a thick roller sleeve, even using it to scuff sand a floor before painting!

While our older dustless sanding technique will still have it’s purpose for certain painting situations, Court-Hampton Painting will be moving to this new method for even less dust for our beloved clients in Etobicoke, Toronto and the GTA!

We have a similar set up (although the sander and dust extractor is bigger!) for Stucco Ceiling Removal!

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