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Painting a room all white


Painting a room all white? Court-Hampton Painting has you covered in this how to post!

Painting a room all white
Dining room painted all white

Here we look at painting a room all white using Benjamin Moore.

Sounds easy right? But hold on, say you want to paint a room all white in Benjamin Moore Cloud White CC-40. You want to paint the woodwork in Benjamin Moore Regal semi-gloss in CC-40, the walls in Regal eggshell in CC-40 and the ceiling in Benjamin Moore’s ceiling paint in CC-40. Well the formula for the semi-gloss and eggshell are different formulas as it is for the ceiling paint which means you can expect the colour to be off by up to 5% per can of paint even though it’s all in CC-40 in Benjamin Moore paint. It will look close to “the look” you are trying to achieve but not quite.

Why is this? The Gennex tinting system. Before Gennex if you wanted Cloud White CC-40 in semi-gloss, flat, pearl, eggshell, etc. the formula was the same despite the gloss. Resulting in matching whites across the board. The Gennex system which removes all VOCs out of the tint and adds colour lock technology (great things) comes at the cost of very slight variances in colour that really show when painting a room all white. In addition when Gennex first came out they also got rid of the factory white which was premixed.

The solution? Well they reintroduced the factory white a couple of years after releasing the Gennex system which comes in Regal and almost all other Benjamin Moore brands. The code for premixed factory white is K552-01 in the Regal line. Here’s a pic of Regal Ulti-matte walls and Regal Pearl woodwork in the factory white:

Entrance painted all white
Entrance painted white

Well that took care of the walls and trim matching perfectly in white but now for the ceilings. Court-Hampton Painting had two choices here, one was Ultra-Spec 500 in the premixed white. But we really like Benjamin Moores Ceiling Paint Ultra Flat because of ease of use and just how beautifully flat it is. The problem was that the premixed white in that product is called Ceiling White or K508-09. It looks a little yellow compared to the Regal premixed white. So we called up our friends at Monarch Paints in Toronto and asked if they could match the Ceiling Paint to our premixed Regal paint. They did a great job and came up with a formula that matched perfectly. That formula is base K508-1X Ceiling Paint with the tint S1-1 (umm you’re welcome).

The result is a perfectly painted white room with a stark look just waiting for you to bring in colour through art or furniture. Every designer and contractor as well as DIYers should read this post if they are looking to paint a room white.

Bedroom painted all white
Bedroom painted all white

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Call Court-Hampton Painting Inc in Toronto, Etobicoke and the GTA if you are thinking of painting a room all white!

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