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Most Durable Interior Paint: Benjamin Moore Scuff-X vs. Benjamin Moore Aura Paint


The search for a quality interior paint

Trying to find a durable interior paint that will stand up to everyday wear and tear can be a challenge. With the wide variety of paints out there, it can be difficult to determine which one will stand the test of time and offer you the ultimate in durability. Good news – we’ve taken care of the work of finding the most durable interior paint for you. So what is the most durable interior paint on the market? Toronto painters Court-Hampton Painting Inc take a look!

Check out this video looking at the difference between the new Benjamin Moore Scuff-X paint vs Benjamin Moore Aura paint to determine the most durable interior paint!

Benjamin Moore Scuff-X Paint vs Benjamin Moore Aura Paint

We put Benjamin Moore Aura eggshell on the wall to the left and Benjamin Moore Scuff-X eggshell on the wall to the right. Then we started scratching and scuffing the walls using boots, hockey pucks and metal tools to test paint durability in this video:

As you can see in the video the Scuff-X is the most durable interior paint between the two. Both sheens on the paints tested were eggshell. We would probably use the Scuff-X Matt finish for most residential wall applications as the eggshell finish on the Scuff-X was a little shiny compared to the Aura paint, but not by much.

Take a closer look at this photo where we rubbed rubber on the painted wall to test the durability of the paints:

most durable paint
Paint durability scratch test results.

Benjamin Moore Scuff-X paint comes out on top for durability

After cleaning the scuffed walls with a damp white rag the scuff remained on the Aura. This means the customer would have to touch up or repaint entirely. The Scuff-X paint washed off perfectly with no evidence a scuff ever existed. The Scuff-X comes in Matte, Eggshell and Pearl finishes. It is also about $20.00 cheaper than Benjamin Moore Aura. We know we’re paint nerds but this is exciting news! Potentially changing the way we do interior painting. Imagine how durable your painted walls could be. Our painters are excited to test the flow and durability of the Benjamin Moore Scuff-X Pearl on baseboards and doors.

Stay tuned for further testing of Benjamin Moore’s Scuff-X paint

Benjamin Moore’s Scuff-X paint has proven to be a great choice if you’re looking for a durable interior paint. Court-Hampton Painting will continue to test this new paint in the field to see if it stacks up in other ways besides durability. Does it adhere well to glossy surfaces such as aged oil paint? Does Scuff-X cover well in lighter colours? We will find out the answers to those questions and more and post them to this blog post as an update. In the meantime, our painters are impressed, Benny Moore! The winner of the most durable interior paint goes to Benjamin Moore Scuff-X!

most durable interior paint
Benjamin Moore Scuff-X

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  1. Hi, just a quick question on scrubbing durability… I’m a tad OCD when it comes to cleaning my bathrooms, especially around the toilet areas. What is the “ultimate best” paint for scrubable durability with a disinfectant type cleaner, even possibly a cleaner w/ bleach?? Years ago in my first home we had painted the bathrooms with Duron Duraclad. That was the most most AWESOME paint EVER!!! I could clean the bathroom walls with a teaspoon of bleach & a bit of liquid soap to 1-1.5 gallons on water & va va voom clean & disinfected walls! The paint nor the color ever faded. I haven’t been able to find that durable of paint since… WHY??? Any helpful advice you can share will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

    1. Hello Terri,
      I haven’t tested cleaning Benjamin Moore Scuff-X with a bleach solution, just removing scuff marks.
      I believe Duron Duraclad is now owned by Sherwin Williams and the paint you used in the past might have been a solvent based alkyd
      (oil based paint). They might have turned this product into a hybrid oil paint by now (cleans up with water) but I’m not familiar with the product. Benjamin Moore still makes Collection Satin oil paint. The satin finish is a higher gloss than the norm for walls aesthetically but would be durable. Oil based paint does smell. My advice is to always test and see which product is best for you! For more information on old school oil based paint check out our post:
      Thanks Terri

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