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Our Dustless Sanding Technique Video


At Court-Hampton Painting we use our dustless sanding technique to minimize dust while painting your home or business.

Check out our dustless sanding technique in action with this video:

Using a sanding vacuum attachment for our dustless sanding technique isn’t only for sanding entire rooms that are newly taped and mudded, we use them for sanding patches as well. Drywall dust can take days to settle. This means that not only can you breathe it in but it can compromise your painting project by attaching itself to your wet painted surfaces. This sanding method eliminates most of the dust.

We believe every painter should use a device like this to reduce dust as the cost to buy the equipment is minimal. The dustless environment is great for our painters health as well and reduces costly time cleaning up dust! This vacuum sanding attachment is sold by Richard Paint Products.

Our dustless sanding technique
Dust control sanding attachment by Richard.

Our painters use this method for fixing drywall water damage and plaster repair for really efficient painting preparation. It works on all spackle, wood filler, drywall compound, and sheetrock compounds. The addition of a fine dust air filter on the shop vac ensures even more dust control.

If you have children or pets in your home this dust control method is what should be used when painting your interior. We wouldn’t want your kids breathing in dust!

If you are having your business painted and want to keep the dust away from your workers and merchandise with a quick turn around on your project this is the ticket!

We also use the sanding sponge dust control attachment as well as the dust control vac pole to help keep drywall dust down.

Hire Court-Hampton Painting and have us use our dustless sanding technique while painting your home!

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