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Update: Check out this new painting method for painting wood floors!

Court Hampton Painting has been experimenting with some new floor primer and floor paint combined with a dustless scuff sanding method and have had some wonderful results! For modern looking painted floors we first clean with a degreaser and give the wood floor a dustless aggressive scuff sand using our top of the line equipment. We then use a specialty floor primer tinted to the floor paint colour. This is the big difference as there were very few floor primers for interior wood floors in the past! We then use two coats of high quality floor paint for beautifully painted wood floors!

This floor was on it’s last legs and had a lot of challenges before it could be painted, it had pet stains and hadn’t been refreshed since the early 60’s! Court Hampton Painting took on the task and gave the room a completely different look by painting the floor! Notice how we did a test before we painted in the before picture to see the best colour but also to test adhesion:

Court-Hampton Painting Inc has been painting old hardwood floors in this house in the neighborhood of the Annex in Toronto.


Consider painting old hardwood floors when your hardwood is past it’s last sanding and you are faced with replacement.

Painted floors can look great for a fraction of the cost of replacing hardwood floors.
When painting old hardwood floors the process for this job was straight forward. The floor was so worn most of the finish was almost gone so our painters gave the whole surface a good cleaning and sanding with a pole sander for the main parts and a sanding block for the corners. Making sure to sand down any lips and irregularities. Then came a really good vacuum, remember dust is the enemy!
Our painters then applied Pittsburgh Paints newest waterborne alkyd floor paint with a 10 mm roller sleeve and a polyester/nylon brush making sure not to create to much paint buildup to avoid future peeling. Painting the hardwood floors was a great option for this top floor office and the customer and our painters were very happy with the results.

painted hardwood floors
painted hardwood floors

In our painters opinion painting old hardwood floors is a viable option when faced with replacing hardwood floors.
Call Court-Hampton Painting Inc for painting old hardwood floors in Toronto.

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  1. We are looking to paint our old hardwood floors and a new modern darker colour. Our aim is not to have to sand the floors. Can you do it without sanding the floor?


    1. Hello Rael, We always have to clean and at least scuff sand the floor before painting. I’ve updated this post to explain a little more about painting wood floors. If you are concerned about dust check out our post about our new dust extractors that we use to scuff sand the floor before we paint it!

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