Painting Wrought Iron


Wrought iron has always been a popular décor choice for many Canadians. It can create an elegant look to any façade, garden or gateway. Though the process of prepping, sanding and priming wrought iron for painting can seem difficult, that’s why we’re here. If you’re looking into painting your wrought iron décor, gate, railing or more, we at Court-Hampton can give you an estimate with just a quick call.  


Wrought Iron Painting Process

Not everyone thinks of painting their iron gates or railings, but it is possible. Because iron oxidizes over time, rust happens. This is one of the first things we consider when approaching an iron painting job. There are a few steps involved in preparing wrought iron for a fresh coat of paint.

  1. Scrape off any rust with a wire brush 

    Before the process, we recommend washing your wrought iron either by spraying it down or even vacuuming it. Once the iron has been cleared of major debris, you can begin scraping off old paint chips and smoothing out rust spots. If you’ve got a particularly intricate piece, you can use a small drill with a wire brush attachment to effectively clear smaller spaces. Make sure to have the proper protection, like eye protection and a dust mask. If you’ve got a pressure-sprayer, that’s an option too! 

  2. Spot prime rusted areas with rust primer 

    Once the paint has been scraped off, prime each rust spot. You should prime the rust spots right away, as iron will develop more rust quickly 

  3. Thoroughly cover wrought iron with at least two coats of rust paint 

    After completely clearing the iron surface and priming it, now is the time to paint. Apply at least two generous layers of rust paint. There are lots of rust paint options out there and that can make it hard to choose. At Court-Hampton, we like to use Tremclad Rust Paint in the oil-based variation. As Tremclad has been around forever, it’s proven itself time and time again on our jobs.  

    A bonus maintenance tip we recommend for keeping painted wrought iron surfaces looking like new, is to wipe down the surfaces with automotive wax. When the wax dries, buff with a plush cloth in order to create a long-lasting shine. 

Whether you have questions or want to hire the experts for any wrought iron painting job, call Court-Hampton Painting Inc. in Toronto.

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