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Court-Hampton Painting shows how we paint brick.

paint brick toronto
Painting brick

Our painters at Court-Hampton Painting Inc have a couple of methods when they paint brick.

First the painters must inspect the brick for loose mortar and damage to the bricks. Serious damage should be repaired by tuck pointing and replacing bricks where necessary. Keep in mind that most new masonry work will need thirty days or more of cure time before being ready to paint, you can speed up that time if you wish by using Block Surfacer by Sherwin Williams. Look out for efflorescence on the brick, this is caused by moisture in the wall and the cause of the moisture should be determined and corrected before painting.

The choice of paint is a crucial decision before you paint brick or any masonry. You don’t want to trap moisture in the wall by choosing the wrong paint and having serious problems! Court-Hampton Painting uses Durxcel 100 by Durabond. It is a flat finish that is a breathable coating allowing water vapor to evaporate from within the wall.

The next step before we paint brick is preparation of course!

painting brick toronto
Painting Brick

Before painting brick the surface must be clean and dust free. Wash brick walls and dust well before painting.

The depth of the mortar will determine what paint tools are used. If the mortar is deep our painters have to use a brush to get in the deep grooves, if it’s shallow we use a thick roller and brush.

Spray painting brick in Toronto can be prohibitive because most properties are close together and over spray in an exterior environment can travel long distances and speckle homes, cars and anything else in the paint clouds way.

A painted brick building or home can look modern or Victorian depending on the paint colour chosen, it’s up to you!

Court-Hampton Painting loves to paint brick, give us a call.

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