Painting Exterior Siding


Court-Hampton Painting has been painting exterior siding on this home in the east end of Toronto.

painting exterior siding
Painting exterior siding


Painting exterior siding can be a time consuming process that involves a lot of work.

The first step when painting exterior siding is to determine what material it is made of. If the siding is made of wood then the work is straight forward. Scrape the loose paint where it is peeling off the wood, sand the whole surface, fill and caulk holes and gaps and apply two coats of paint.
If the siding is metal scrape loose paint ( not so hard as to dent the metal), sand, spot prime with a rust primer and paint two coats.
If you are painting exterior siding that is vinyl however you must pick a vinyl safe colour. Traditionally if you painted anything that was made of vinyl a darker colour the sun would buckle and twist the vinyl because it was attracted to the dark colour. Imagine having to replace your siding because of a diy project gone wrong or an inexperienced painting contractor giving poor advice!
Painting manufacturers have figured out which of their colours are vinyl safe for painting exterior siding and which hues of colour will buckle your siding.
Benjamin Moore has come out with Benjamin Moore Vinyl Select colour palette.
Sherwin Williams has come out with Sherwin Williams Vinylsafe colour palette.
If you are located in Toronto and are thinking of painting exterior siding on your home give Court-Hampton Painting a call.

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  1. Hi, I want to get the aluminum siding of my house (bungalow) painted. The main floor is only about 930 sq.ft, but I’m not sure about the total exterior sq.footage that needs to be painted. I have a very low budget. I can purchase paint myself if needed. Please let me know what is the minimum it would cost to do a quick wash and paint. I want the siding in yellow, and soffits/eaves/window surrounds/shutters in white.

    I prefer a rough quote by email first, so we do not waste each others time. The address is 71 Mississauga Rd N, Mississauga ON. You can look up the house on google maps. Thanks

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