Update: Safe painting estimates for homes and businesses in the coronavirus COVID-19 Omicron Variant era.


How house painting company Court-Hampton Painting is providing social distancing paint estimates Etobicoke and safe painting services amidst the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

How should Toronto painting contractors like Court-Hampton Painting approach paint estimates and painting quotes safely with coronavirus (Covid-19) among us? Here’s how:

As the COVID-19 pandemic has hit Etobicoke, Toronto, the GTA and the world many people are wondering how to proceed? There is what we are dealing with now which includes business shutdowns, isolation, quarantine etc. There are still opportunities for home owners to get paint estimates and get no deposit advanced booking for paint jobs.

Get A No Contact Paint Quote

We offer COVID-19 safe painting services and estimates!

As we fight the spread of COVID-19 with vaccines and boosters and indeed up to the point of the ultimate end game of the end of the pandemic, the impact of variants such as Omicron are unknown. With the Omicron Variant and other variants likely to follow, there will most likely be a period of tightening and relaxing restrictions. This will probably be a grey zone for a lot of home service businesses but there are safe solutions. No contact home painting services will be the name of the game in the immediate future. Court-Hampton Painting is becoming the leader as social distancing painters Toronto.

Let’s start with safe paint quotes for the painting company and the client. Here are three very short explainer videos showing how Court-Hampton Painting provides zero contact painting estimates for your home or business in Toronto.

Paint Estimate Option 1: Using a video estimation app

In this video you can see that it is quite easy to get a paint quote safely using technology. The customer downloads the app from the app store link we send them and then sends Court-Hampton Painting the specific details in video and text form. The reason the paint estimate video app is ideal in this scenario is that if you tried to just take a video with your phone and send it to us the file would be too big to email. We can see this evolving into the norm for simple straight forward paint jobs. Our physical distancing painters Toronto are taking COVID19 very seriously. Virtual painting estimates are part of the solution!

Paint Estimate Option 2: Using a lock box on the job site

This video shows how Court-Hampton Painting uses a lock box (the same kind real estate agents use) which we disinfect and attach to an appropriate place on the property in Toronto you want painted. The potential customer puts the key in the lock box and leaves the property. We come and use the key to get access to the unoccupied house or business and provide a paint quote. We sanitize the key (and every hard high touch surface we came into contact with) again for the customer to retrieve. We pick up the lock box at a later date. We can see this option being used for customers that have empty condos or homes they are selling or have bought and want painted. It also might be a viable solution down the road for people that will be at their cottage all summer etc. and want their house painted. As you can see Court-Hampton Painting has had to adapt so when you need a social distancing paint estimate Toronto call us.

Paint Estimate Option 3: Using drive by method for exterior painting

This is the easiest option for exterior painting quotes. Just call us and stay inside the house or go for a walk when Court-Hampton Painting comes to give you the paint estimate. This is the most viable option for exterior painting which can always be completely contact free and safe.

We’ll have a follow up blog post soon on how Court-Hampton Painting can provide safe no contact painting services as the leader in the field.

Visit our About Us page For more information on our safe painting service approach in Toronto and the GTA.

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