Painting Interior White and Black


If you want that designer look and are painting interior white and black this post will show you how to properly use both colours.

Painting interior white and black? Check out this video as an example!

Painting home white and black

Most home magazines and designers use this technique of painting interior white and black and there is a reason for it! It looks so crisp with the most contrast you can have between two colours.

The trick is to use the black appropriately and there are a couple of ways you can do that depending on the size of your home, ceiling height etc.

First of all though check out our post on how to paint a room all white! It will show you how to properly paint all of the ceilings, walls and trim so it is actually the same white using Benjamin Moore and you should definitely start there before we get into black paint.

In most cases if you want a timeless elegant look you will want to use the black sparingly. You can for instance paint the banisters black. This always has a beautiful effect with the surrounding stark white paint. You can also paint a few select doors black, a popular one is to paint the interior of your front door black. We didn’t do that on this painting project in Toronto because the front door wasn’t a great feature. Some people paint all of their interior doors black, but do you really want to showcase a closet door? Make sure whatever you are painting black is a feature you want to showcase and be honest with yourself that it has the architecture to be worthy of showing off. In the video we painted the door to the living room black because of it’s beautiful engraved glass and it turned out great!

We also used black paint for a different purpose on this paint job. The stone around the fireplace is old and grey and really didn’t look great surrounded by white. We painted it black because not only is the architecture of the wood a great feature, the mortar on the stone is a dark grey which flows in to the black painted fireplace beautifully and takes away the contrast between the stone and the wood! Lemons into lemonade!

Painting home white and black
Fireplace painted black in white room

Painting the interior of your home in white and black really is a timeless look that can work really well for modern homes as well as 100 year old homes. It gives you a clean slate allowing the opportunity to bring in colour through fabrics and art.

Call Court-Hampton Painting if you would like to paint your home in white and black in Toronto, Etobicoke and the GTA!

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